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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reliable and Genuine Online Earning Source

Reliable and Genuine Online Earning Source

Many of you know that How difficult to earning online from internet, Its Very Hard to Find Genuine Online Income Method or 100% provan Source of Online Earnings. I know Many of you may tried diffrent sourcess or methods of online income generation, but very soon you were fadeup, Right ?

I also tried many Affiliate Programs from 2004 to generate online Revenue / income, and I found a company which pays you regularly without fail, and it have very good percentage of commissions, Just check his top qualities given below, and I am sure you will joine it immediately, I have recieved payments from this company, and because of that I Recommend this Company, India Herbs is Very Much Reliable source of Generating continuous online income.

Join Best Affiliate Programs Of India Herbs

50% commissions to you, Get your Share of $60 Billion in Annual Herbal Supplement Sales Giving You Generous Profit-Sharing

Placing lifetime cookies on your referrals' computers.

Paying you 40% commission (with no limits) on all sales generated from your referrals.

Paying you 10% commission (with no limits) on all sales generated on the websites of your referrals - Two Tier Affiliate Program.

Ensuring you are properly credited for orders. Orders are only accepted via phone or mail if the customer is absolutely reluctant to order online. In this case, the affiliate code (displayed on the bottom of every India Herbs website) is required before the customer can place the order.

Treating You like a True Partner

Providing you detailed real time stats of raw clicks, unique clicks, number of sales, earnings, and downline stats.

Providing you instant email notification of sales.

Sending you on-time payments on a monthly basis with no minimum payout limit.
Providing you an extensive library of banners and marketing materials for all products.

Hosting marketing tools so you don't need to download banners and upload them to your server. This saves you bandwidth costs. Simply grab our html code and add it to your website.

Maximizing Sales & Repeat Orders

110% Money Back Guarantee!

Researching and testing Herbal Supplement Formulations to ensure they are effective.

Keeping the entire production process in-house - selection of herbal extracts, production, and packaging.

Producing steady stream of new products.

Maintaining Branded Websites which explain each herbal supplement in intricate detail.

Maintaining a content rich website for Ayurvedic Medicine to encourage repeated visits by your referrals.

Providing answers to customer enquiries within 24 hours via email and toll-free representative.

Providing shopping cart system, Customer Loyal Discount Program, and Special Offers.

Shipping orders within 1 business day

Click Here to Join Now Affiliate Programs by India Herbs

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